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LightDanceShadowPlay, is a fusion of two phrases, ‘the play of light’ and ‘shadow dance.’ I have chosen this name for my blog, as through this sharing space, I intend to explore with you the experience of engaging in one of life’s most basic, formative and universal dances; the fugue of steps between life’s light and shadow sides.

I am often entranced by literal shadows cast on surfaces within my home. As the sun skims around branches and leaves in my garden or past the gently swaying, bamboo screen at my back door, the interplay of shifting light and silhouette, creates an often mesmerising choreography of illuminated shapes that sings with gentle beauty. Similarly, I dance with the light and dark shades of life. My acceptance of these experiences and my engagement with them, is most often facilitated through play, through creativity. I see patterns cast on the walls of my life as I dance, sing, write, draw and dream my way to making meaning of those moving forms.

Through my blog posts, I invite you to join me on an exploration of creativity as a tool for making sense of the brightness and the shadow sides of life.

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